Few Words With Daniel RedCliffe ..cum Harry Potter

Saying good-bye to Harry Potter when filming finally wrapped up on the blockbuster franchise was tough for Daniel Radcliffe, who readily admits that the last day of shooting was an extremely emotional one. During the press tour for the next to last film - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Radcliffe said he cried, but he wasn't the only one shedding a few tears. His co-stars for the past decade, Rupert Grint ('Ron') and Emma Watson ('Hermione'), also were hit hard by the end of this chapter in their young lives.
In London for a press event in support of the Deathly Hallows, Radcliffe talked about filming the final movies and his time spent on the Harry Potter sets. He also provided a little insight into what life has in store for the actor who'll forever be known to millions and millions of fans worldwide as The Chosen One.

On the Challenges of Deathly Hallows' Emotional Scenes:
Daniel Radcliffe: "I think, because we're growing up the whole time as well though, it didn't seem like too much of a challenge. I mean it was a challenge. There were challenging moments, but it felt like this was a natural progression to where we got to. It didn't feel like we were being asked to make a massive leap. It felt like we were certainly being allowed to do what we'd kind of been ready to do for the last two or three years, in terms of where we'd been at in our performances."
On Splitting Deathly Hallows in Two and Allowing the Characters to Develop:
Daniel Radcliffe: "On this film we were very lucky because had we tried to condense the book into one movie, which I think would've been disastrous, a lot of the stuff that would've been cut would've been a lot of the stuff in this film, probably. All that on the road section would've suffered dramatically. So, yeah, for us to have all that time to explore the characters... What's great about it is is it's character exploration, but it's actually really interesting as well. It never crosses that line into being indulgent because there's always something going on. You're never more than five scenes away from a massive fight or something."
On Filming Scenes Featuring Just Harry, Hermione and Ron Instead of the Hogwarts Gang:
Daniel Radcliffe: "[...]It’s interesting because we didn't film it in sequence. We never really felt that at the time, I suppose, because we'd film a scene with just the two of us for maybe two days and then we'd be doing a wedding scene with loads of people or something. So it was broken up in such a way that I don't think we ever really felt as isolated as the characters did. But yeah, I think it gives it a much more interesting feel to the first film because we've never seen these characters without Hogwarts and without all these sort of familiar, standard characters that you always see around them. So it gave it, I think, a much fresher feel and
On Heading to the Stage for How to Succeed in Business:
Daniel Radcliffe: "I'm very excited. Hopefully I should be able to honor it. In terms of the singing, I'm not particularly too worried. I love singing and I've been doing it for a long time, but dancing is something that I've never done before, before taking lessons for this. But, generally speaking, I've been doing about nine hours a week of training and so if I screw up it's not through lack of trying.  We start rehearsals in January, I think we open in March. I think we start previewing in February but then open in March."
On How He Got Hooked Up with Singing and Dancing on Broadway:
Daniel Radcliffe: "You know, it's bizarre. It came about when I did Equus Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the producers of How To Succeed, came backstage after Equus and they said, 'You can sing?' I went, 'Well, I can sing the Milky Bar theme to you.' That's what I had to sing in Equus. And they went, 'Oh, great. Well, we've got to find a musical.’ Those guys - it's a testament to persistence because they played us the show and we're like, 'Okay... No, I like it. It's good, but I'm not sure the next thing to do.' And then they sent us a script and then gradually, just through their persistence, we started falling in love with it . And now I can't imagine myself doing any other thing as my first musical."
"Also, it's never really been played by somebody my age before. I think that makes it quite exciting because, as I said, it's never really been played at this age and I think that makes a big difference to the character. Because whereas if you have a guy in his late 20s, early 30s playing it, you go, 'Okay, he's kind of a manipulative douche, really.' But when you've got somebody at my age playing it it means that you kind of attribute it to sort of youthful hutzpah and you don't really question it so much."
On Shooting the Final Harry Potter Scene:
Daniel Radcliffe: "There was lots of crying from Emma, Rupert and I and the crew as well because a lot of them have been there for 10 years as well. So there were lots of tears from everybody, really. It was very sad and at the time I remember sort of being quite inconsolable for like two hours. And then four hours later I was on a plane and I was reading a script for The Woman in Black which I'm now filming. So we move on!"
What is The Woman in Black?:
Daniel Radcliffe: "It's an adaptation of the Susan Hill novel and it's a gothic horror movie. I play a 24 year old father of one whose wife has died. I’m a lawyer who gets sent to the house of a woman who has recently died to go through all her documents and sort of collate them all. The house that he goes to is haunted - not to give too much away."
"We did take a leap out of their book in terms of that sort of sexed up Victoriana kind of look in terms of the costumes. I have an amazing costume in the film. I love it. It's a very simple grey suit but it's really well fitted and it's a nice waistcoat and I've got a fob watch and I've got little sideburns as well. I'm really enjoying this look. It's how I would dress all the time if that wouldn't get me beaten up in London."
Daniel Radcliffe Won't Be Heading Off to College:
Daniel Radcliffe: "I don't think so. I'm going to try to make a career for myself. Emma is the most academic out of all three of us by quite a long way, so I don't think university would've been in the cards for myself and Rupert. To be honest, I found school very, very hard. I got good results most of the time, but then I dropped out a year early because I was going through rehearsals for Equus. And to be honest, I think when you find something that...I found something that I have some aptitude with - I hesitate to say that I'm good at it because I'm so far away from being finished at school and I've still got a lot to learn but I certainly think that I'm better at this than I would be at anything else. So I'm going to try to just focus on that and try to make as long a career for myself as possible."
On Getting Mobbed in the Streets:
Daniel Radcliffe: "Around my area, they're quite used to me. It's like, 'Oh, there he is again.' But also I think the advantage of being 5'5" is that sort of no one really looks twice. If you're just a skinny guy in a crowd, that doesn't really attract too much attention."
Is It Ever Out of Control?:
Daniel Radcliffe: "Not really. Only in Japan. In Japan it went wild when I was in Japan. It's amazing because it manages to be both aggressive and incredibly restrained at the same time. They would charge towards you, but it's like there is an invisible barricade two foot from you and they will not go past that. It's really incredible. It’s like having some sort of force field protecting you. When I arrived in Japan when I was 13 there were 5,000 people waiting in the airport arrivals screaming. It was pretty intense. I am a Beatle in Japan."
"There's a program in Japan called Let’s Go To School. It's this thing where these two girls have written off to the program makers and said, 'We would like Daniel Radcliffe to come to our school.' And normally it's kind of like big Japanese celebrities so they're not used to other famous people coming around. Anyway, these two girls wrote and said, 'We would like Daniel Radcliffe to come to our school.' And these two young Japanese guys in tuxes who presented the show, very nice guys, they sort of said to me, 'These people don't you're coming, so it's going to be a really big surprise.' Anyway, we got around the corner and there were hundreds of girls leaning out of the windows to a dangerous degree, you know? I was walking inside and there was actually a moment where I sort of bumped into a girl and I said, 'Oh, sorry,' and she just fainted. It's bizarre."
Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson photo from Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsDaniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson photo from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

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